"I was struck by the deep sense of teamwork that I experienced as a midwifery client.  I was an active participant in my care….I strongly believe that my safety was enhanced by my participation, because it helped to mitigate fears and dissolve mistrust of the process.  ….They helped create the space I needed to draw on my own inner knowledge, my intuition, about how I wanted to give birth.  That was my most treasured learning experience.
      Pop culture has taught women that childbirth is all about pain and suffering….This undermines a woman’s power and robs her of the ability to make childbirth be transformative to the core of her being.  I am saddened when I realize that many times the medicalized model of childbirth caters to these concepts of fear.  But I am even more saddened when women themselves buy into these ideas.  Women need to realize that there is no greater “software” than the programming already hardwired into our brains and our entire bodies."

         -Veege Ruediger, after waterbirth at home


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