Homeopathic Care for Mother and Child

Homeopathic Medicine is safe, natural and holistic and is different from herbs or nutritional supplements.  Although extremely effective, it is without the dangerous side effects, which may sometimes occur with certain allopathic medications.

Homeopathic remedies can be an excellent choice during the labor, birth and postpartum period for many conditions of mother or baby.

In my experience, homeopathic medicine is one of the quickest most effective means of bringing health, balance and strength.  Even longstanding problems can be turned around with constitutional care.
I have been a student of homeopathy for more than 15 years, mentored by Karen Rae Ferreira CCH. In the last several years I have been offering constitutional homeopathic care to the women I serve as well as to non-pregnant clients as well.

You may arrange an appointment with Rhione for homeopathic consults for acute or constitutional care.


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