It is well-documented that planned homebirth is as safe  or safer than hospital birth for healthy women.  Eighty percent of the births in the world occur at home.

According to the WorldHealth Organization, Report on Health Promotion and Birth, “Midwives are the most cost effective and appropriate primary caregivers for all childbearing women in all instances and in all settings.”

Birthing at home provides a calm, private, familiar, and safe environment in which there are no strangers, no arbitrary time limits, no shift changes and no unnecessary or routine medical interventions.

Being more relaxed contributes to shorter, easier labors, increased maternal confidence, and improved outcomes for both mother and child.

Homebirth allows for more autonomy, freedom and control and many more choices for the birthing woman.

Babies are not separated from their mothers at homebirth.

Fathers and birth partners are encouraged and respected as  valuable and supportive participants throughout the birth process.


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