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    Welcome to Always WomanKind

We offer Comprehensive Midwifery Care, Homebirth, HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education, and Labor Doula Support Services for women and families in Southern Oregon.

Individualized midwifery care naturally includes postpartum Breastfeeding
Support and Newborn Care as well.

Our Personalized Childbirth Consulting Services and Constitutional Homeopathic Care are offered as well to those at a distance, by phone or online.

    About Rhione

rhione zeichstelIt's been my privilege to give birth four times, to four sons. All were born gently at home, surrounded by family, with midwives attending. I loved being pregnant and loved being in labor!

I am an apprentice-trained midwife, among the first to have been licensed by the state of Oregon. Licensure is awarded to midwives who have demonstrated to the State Midwifery Board that their experience, knowledge and skill enable them to practice independently and competently. My apprenticeship took place in California, from 1981-1984, in cooperation with an obstetrician and midwife team who had a very busy homebirth practice. Since 2001, I have been certified as a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator by the HypnoBirthing Institute.


My own births and the births of 100's of women have shown me that natural
birth is an innately transforming, empowering and healing experience for
women and families. As a midwife, I work to consciously facilitate this natural process of pregnancy and birth as it unfolds, without undue interference and with utmost respect and honor for life itself.

Giving birth is an intensely deep and personal experience, unique for each
woman. Because each situation presents differently, care is never routine.
I support a woman's right to make her own choices about her birth and her
health care.

It is well known that the birth experience itself sets a template which can
act as a "blueprint" for a person"s entire life. Because I know that babies are fully conscious beings, both pre birth and as newborns, I consider it our responsibility as parents and midwives to create the most gentle, loving and respectful birth and bonding experience that we possibly can and I work toward this end.
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